WEST (2012-2013) 


Season 2011-2012

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January 10, 2011

TV Interview

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October 22-24, 2010

Richmond Hill Fall Classic

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September 30, 2010

Team Champs Outfits

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August 11-13, 2010

Ontario Summer Games

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July 21-25, 2010

Age Group Nationals, Winnipeg

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August 8, 2010

Matthew Laschuk won an Open water 3 km race In Spain

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August 7, 2010

Congratulations to Callie Harrigan and Vasya Semenov
for receiving Athletic Scholarships into USA Universities

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August 6, 2010

2011 International Children’s Games Selection Process

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July 7, 2010

2009-2010 Awards Party

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July 1-4, 2010

Ontario LC Junior Provincial Championships, Nepean

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June 30, 2010

International Children’s Games (ICG) Secured for Windsor Essex in 2013

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June 18-20, 2010

Freeze or Fry, Dearborn, Michigan.

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June 11-13, 2010

Western Ontario Long Course Championships,  Brantford

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June 11-13, 2010

Congratulations to Amber Lefler
who won a Silver Medal in 50 breast with Club Record- 35.96sec and
Bronze Medal as part of Team Canada in 200 Medley Relay
at Giochi della Gioventu’ 2010 Games in Italy

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May 28-30, 2010

Guelph Long Corse Invitational Swim Meet

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April 24-25, 2010

SEAL Championships

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April 16-18, 2010

Ontario Provincial Team Championships Division 1.


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Congratulations to Windsor Essex swimmers for the great accomplishments on the home turf !

* 8 medals:

Rachel Rode. Gold in 50 back and 100 free.

 Silver in 100 back and 400 free relay.

Bronze in 50 free.

Aaron Norg. Silver in 50 back, 50 and 100 free.

Madeleine McDonald, Zoe Mercier and Kendra Polewski  Silver in 4x100 Free Relay !

* All our swimmers finished in top ten in individual events

* All relays finished in top 6

* Leon Ouyang set a Club Record in 200 breast

* Nicolas Dalla Bona, Leon Ouyang and Kendra Polewski first time qualified for Eastern Canadian Championships/February 14-17, 2014 at Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre.

News Day 1

News Day 2

News Day 3


Click here for results

47th International Children Games Swimming coordinator -Cord Kitson and Meet manager Jen Potma, did an amazing job with the meet.   Jason Potma and Dina Ozols and the rest of the masters group and officials group worked very hard to see  the meets success and gave up a lot of their personal time.  It was nice to see so many WEST parents and kids step up to help !  Everyone had a great time and the meet was enjoyed by all.  Congratulations and I think moving forward our teams commitment will make for many successful meets in the future.  The officials group is in very capable hands

In 2014 Games will be held  in City of Lake Macquarie, Australia.



Click here for website of the games   )



                   Kylie Masse represent Ontario at Canada Games in Sherbrooke, PQ. August 4 - 9, 2013

                                        ( Click here for Results, Pictures and More Info )

   Ontario Women’s 4x50 and 4x100 Free , 4x50 and 4x100 Medley Relays won all gold and set new Canada Games records.

 Kylie Masse swam her leg in 400 Medley Relay.......100 fly - 1:00.42 !!!!!!!!

Kylie  won Bronze medal in 50 fly and dropped 2 seconds for a PB in the 200 fly- 2:18.07 and set another new WEST club record in 100 fly


Congratulations to WEST Parents, Officials, Coaches and SWIMMERS

for successful completion of the "Ribbon Cutting Time Trial"

at the new 50-metres Pool on August 1, 2013



"Awesome" new pool (with videos)  Click Here


      Summer Nationals, July 18 - 21, 2013 at Point Clair, PQ  and Age Group Nationals, July 24 - 28, 2013 at Montreal, PQ 

    *  Amber Lefler and Kylie Masse swam in "A" finals at Sr.Nationals

    *  Ethan Fazekas, Sadie Fazekas, Cody Lavoie, Renee Liu and Aaron Norg won medals at Age Group Nationals

    *  Renee Liu broke Ontario Historical best times in 50 and 100 Back (LC) for 11 yrs. She is ranked #1 in Canada in her age group (11 yrs) and first time qualified for Eastern Canadian Championships

    *  Renee Liu , Ethan Fazekas and Amber Lefler set new Club Records/ with 120+ different records broken this season

        WEST swimmers set a record of number of new Club Records during one swim season !

Click Here for Slideshow

Annual Awards Party

Click her for the list of the winners

                       Ontario LC Provincials, July 4 - 7, 2013, Brantford, ON

           * WEST finished in 6th place

1 Oakville Aquatic Club OAK 1493.50 1240.00 2733.50
2 Toronto Swim Club TSC 882.00 1375.00 2257.00
3 Mississauga Aquatic Club MSSAC 761.00 1202.00 1963.00
4 Golden Horseshoe Aquatic Club GHAC 1146.00 580.00 1726.00
5 Etobicoke Swim Club ESWIM 1335.00 310.00 1645.00
6 Windsor-Essex Swim Team WEST 629.00 820.50 1449.50
7 Greater Ottawa Kingfish Swim Club GO 819.00 568.00 1387.00
8 Nepean Kanata Barracudas NKB 809.00 394.00 1203.00
9 Ajax Swimming AJAX 588.00 443.00 1031.00
10 Hamilton Aquatic Club HAC 319.00 597.00 916.00

              * 12 Club Records by Andrew Binder, Cody Lavoie, Kylie Masse, Girls and Boys 15 and over relays.

             * 12 WEST swimmers won medals. 7 Provincial Champions !

                                   Great Job !                         

WEST girls relay is ranked # 1 in Canada for 30+ month !!!!!!!!!!!!     ( Click here for results )  

                           Freeze or Fry Meet, June 14 - 16, 2013. Dearborn, MI


                           * WEST won all but one Relays !

   * Cody Lavoie ,  Lena Li, Maxwell Wen and Samuel Zhang set new Club Records

                             Click here for Results

                                Ontario Summer Festival, June 1 - 2, 2013. UofT.

                          * WEST finished in 7th place with 11 swimmers competed !

                * Madalyn Gatrall, Lena Li and Renee Liu are Ontario Festival Champions

                              * Maddy Lavoie set a new Club Record

                  * Devlin Kukhta first time qualified for Provincial Championships

                                      ALL WEST swimmers set personal records !

                                                                     Click here for results

                                        Guelph Long Course Invitational, May 24 - 26, 2013

    *  WEST finished in 1st place with 94 Gold medals !

   *  Cody Lavoie , Amber Lefler and Kylie Masse set new Club Records

   *  Bailey Humber first time qualified for Provincial Festival

    *  Rogel Rios Galeana qualified for Provincial Championships 

         Total of 40 WEST swimmers are qualified  for Provincial Championships/Festivals this season !

                                                  ( Click here for results )


                              Dr. Ralph Hicken International Swim Cup, April 25-28, 2013. Etobicoke, ON.

  * Andrew Binder first time qualified for Sr. Nationals  

  * Caroline Eberhard first time qualified for Provincial Festival

  *  13 Club Records by Brendan Oswald , Maddy Lavoie , Andrew Binder, Cody Lavoie, Kylie Masse and

      Boys 15 and over Relays / Binder, Kukuruzovic, Lavoie, Norg, Orzylowski

   * Andrew Binder won a "Golden Crown" as a fastest swimmer of the meet and Kylie Masse was a runner-up/ 2nd place

                                                     ( Click here for Results )


                         SEAL Championships, April 27 - 28, 2013, Leamington, ON

                                                  2013 Trophy Winners:

7 and under girls. 2nd place Madelyn Gillis


8 - 9 yrs.  Girls: 1st - Victoria Sexsmith, 2nd - Kyla VanBuskirk.

Boys: 2nd - Nikola Medvidovic

10 - 11 yrs. Girls: 2nd - Isidora Sekaric, 3rd - Marjorie Sloboda.

Boys: 1st - Jack Kawa, 3rd - Bailey Humber

12 -13 yrs. Boys: 2nd - Yuri Chernyak, 3rd - Eyad Shedeed

14 and over. Girls: 2nd - Ashlynn Miller, 3rd - Carla Cafueri.


                                 WEST is the best !


           Victor Davis Cup in Guelph, April 5 - 7, 2013

   * Maddy Lavoie and Renee Liu first time qualified for Age Group Nationals

   * 9 Club Records by Brendan Oswald , Lena Li, Renee Liu , Emily Marginean and Hannah Oswald

   * 39 WEST swimmers won medals in individual events

   * Madelyn Gatrall, Ethan Fazekas, Maddy Lavoie, Lena Li, Renee Liu , Brendan Oswald

     and Leon Ouyang are ranked #1 in Canada in their age groups

    * 300 Breast relays were a lot of fun

                               ( Click here for Results )


        Congratulations to Kylie Masse for nomination to Team Ontario  after her performance at World Champs Trials in Victoria, BC on April 3-6, 2013. Good luck at the Games in August 2013 in Sherbrooke !


      Amber Lefler and Kylie Masse selected to Canadian Junior National Team 2013 !!!!!!!!!

WEST performed very good at World Champs Trials.

9 Club records by Rachel Rode , Cody Lavoie, Kylie Masse  and Girls Relays

3 WEST swimmers /Kylie, Sadie and Rachel / competed in the same final (there are 800+ swim teams in Canada)

Another Great WEST Relay

Rachel Rode, Kristin Rochon, Amanda Sippala and Rachel Kelly

with medals at OFSSAA


Short Course Provincial Championships, February 28 - March 3, 2013. Nepean, ON

  *  12 Club Records by:  Rachel Rode , Andrew Binder and Kylie Masse

Relays: Girls  15 & over and  Boys  15 & over

  *  There are 800+ swimming teams in Canada. WEST relays performance at Provincials

             Ranked  them # 1 in Canada:

 Girls 17 and under / Kylie Masse, Sadie Fazekas, Amber Lefler and Rachel Rode/ in 200 Free and 200 Medley Relays

 Boys 15-16 yrs / Andrew Binder, Cody Lavoie, Andrej Kukuruzovic and Aaron Norg / in 200 Free and 400 Free


* Ethan Fazekas set Provincial Championships record in 50 free !

* WEST girls finished second overall in girls competitions !

* 6 Provincial Champions !

( Click here for Results / Relays Rankings )


            Congratulations to all WEST swimmers who competed at Provincials !


        Ontario Winter Festival, February 23-24, 2013. London,ON
Rank Team Code Men Women Total
1 Mississauga Aquatic Club MSSAC 234.00 400.00 634.00
2 Markham Aquatic Club MAC 286.50 247.00 533.50
3 Etobicoke Swim Club ESWIM 249.00 157.00 406.00
4 Cobra Swim Club COBRA 233.00 171.00 404.00
5 Windsor-Essex Swim Team WEST 101.00 254.00 355.00
6 Dolphins Swim Club DS 92.00 198.00 290.00
7 Pickering Swim Club PICK 92.00 157.00 249.00
8 London Aquatic Club LAC 90.50 155.00 245.50
9 Barrie Trojan Swim Club BTSC 208.00 12.00 220.00
10 J-Dolphins Swim School JDSS 81.00 121.00 202.00

   * 7 Champions : Mili Jovanovic, Maddy Lavoie, Lena Li, Renee Liu, Madeleine McDonald, Brendan Oswald, Maxwell Wen

   * 9 Club Records by Brendan Oswald , Renee Liu, Madeleine McDonald and Girls 11-12 yrs Relays

   * 13 Festival Records by WEST swimmers !

                            ( Click here for Results )


         Eastern Canadian Championships, February 14-17, 2013. Montreal, PQ
Team Ranking - Championnats canadiens de l’Est Speedo 2013 - 02/14/2013

* WEST finished 5th in the field of 113 teams.

* Sadie Fazekas set a Championships Record in 50 fly - 27.30 sec

* Cody Lavoie - first time qualified for Sr.Nationals in 50 back - 26.55 sec

* 18 Club Records by Rachel Rode, Sadie Fazekas, Cody Lavoie, Kylie Masse, Girls Relay( Sadie Fazekas, Amber Lefler, Kylie Masse, Rachel Rode ) and Boys Relay( Andrew Binder, Andrej Kukuruzovic, Cody Lavoie, Aaron Norg )




Family Aquatic Complex 

The Family Aquatic Complex will feature a 10 lane 71 meter pool (allows 50 m and other competitive pool configurations)  

and a diving area plus a family water park with a wave pool, lazy river, tot pool, multiple slides and water features. 

Update of the Construction of the 50-metre Pool in Windsor



Windsor is hosting FINA SC World Championships, December 2016 ( Click here )
December, 11, 2012

ISTANBUL – The city of Windsor, Ont., will host the FINA World Swimming Championships in 2016 after being awarded the right on the eve of this year’s event in Istanbul.

“I have the pleasure to announce that today the FINA Bureau awarded the organization of the event of 2016 to the city of Windsor in Canada,” FINA President Julio Maglione said at a press conference Tuesday at the Sinan Erdem Arena.
“We congratulate the city of Windsor, the Aquatic Federation of Canada, and Swimming Canada,” he added. “I am sure that we will have a great FINA world short course championship in 2016.” 
Windsor, in partnership with neighbouring Detroit, was up against Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates to host the event in 2016. Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis made a presentation to the board in the morning, showcasing how the joint bid would work and the outstanding facilities in the area.
“The fact that we’re moving forward and Detroit is going to be helping us get the region ready to welcome the world is going to be an exciting and unique aspect of the bid, and a unique and exciting aspect of our hosting the FINA world championships in 2016,” Francis said. “People that come will be able to experience this massive and significant event with one destination against the backdrop of two countries.”

Canada has 13 swimmers competing at the 11th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m), which open Wednesday in Istanbul. Maglione also announced Tuesday that this year’s event has a record 1,000 athletes representing 162 countries.

“You can see by the record numbers in attendance and countries, this is where everybody wants to be. This is where world records are shattered,” Francis said.
Swimming Canada CEO Pierre Lafontaine was also on hand for the morning presentation and the announcement.“What a great day today for us in Canada,” Lafontaine said. “I think hosting the world short course in Windsor will be a brilliant opportunity for us to not just showcase Canada and showcase Windsor, but also to inspire the next generation.”


    Western Ontario Championships, February 1-3, 2013, Brantford, ON

WEST finished first in the field of 40+ teams !         

1 Windsor-Essex Swim Team WEST 661.00 738.50 1399.50
2 London Aquatic Club LAC 527.00 547.50 1074.50
3 Region Of Waterloo Swim Club ROW 466.00 397.50 863.50
4 Burlington Aquatic Devilrays BAD 266.50 564.50 831.00
5 Guelph Marlin Aquatic Club GMAC 330.00 440.00 770.00
6 Golden Horseshoe Aquatic Club GHAC 346.00 416.50 762.50
7 Brantford Aquatic Club BRANT 348.00 294.00 642.00
8 Hamilton Aquatic Club HAC 298.00 218.50 516.50
9 W.Ross Macdonald Swimming WRMS 275.00 32.00 307.00
10 South Western Aquatics SWA 39.00 237.00 276.00

   * Rachel Rode first time qualified for Sr. Nationals in 50 back - 29.22 sec

   * Ethan Fazekas first time qualified for Eastern Canadian Championships in 50 free - 25.00 sec

  * Zoe Mercier first time qualified for Provincials in 100 back - 1:09.23

  * Teagan Kukhta first time qualified for Ontario Festival in 200 back - 3:11. 28

2012 was a "Year of Backstroke" for WEST. We got 3 National Champions plus a National Record Holder

  * 9 Club Records by Brendan Oswald, Rachel Rode, Sadie Fazekas, and Girls 11-12 yrs Relays

(Mili Jovanovic, Maddy Lavoie, Lena Li, Renee Liu and Madeleine McDonald)

                 ( Click here for Results )


This link contains all of the start and turn video files from  mini camp for Ontario's best swimmers 15-18 yrs old at U of T on January 4, 2013/ including four WEST swimmers: Sadie Fazekas, Cody Lavoie, Amber Lefler and Kylie Masse. Video files can be downloaded from this site:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k2g5to1y6sri1r5/6dzvFztflc


                                                     2012 was a Fantastic Year for WEST !

*  10th place at Age Group Nationals

*  3 National Champions and a National Record

*  12 swimmers were ranked # 1 in Canada

*  7 swimmers competed at FINA Masters World Championships

*  Back to back 3rd places at Ontario Team Championships Division 1

*  13 Ontario Provincial Age Group Champions

*  6 swimmers won Gold medals at Ontario Summer Games

*  43 swimmers are qualified for Provincial Championships

   (from September 2012 for 12 & under - "Festivals")

*  43 swimmers set 129 different Club Records

   (some records were broken multiple times by different swimmers)

Hannah Oswald received an athletic Scholarship

    to Oakland University                                      



 WEST is one of the best swim teams in Ontario.

Ontario Team Championships, December 14 - 16, 2012. Toronto, Ontario.

  *  18 Club Records by: Brendan Oswald , Madeleine McDonald , Aaron Norg, Rachel Rode , Andrew Binder

Relays: Girls  11-12 yrs and 15 & over and  Boys 10 & under, 13-14 yrs and 15 & over

  *  30 swimmers are qualified for Ontario Provincial Championships for 13 yrs + /

and Ontario Festivals for 12 yrs-         

Congratulations to the First time qualifiers: David Bezarevic and Marjorie Sloboda.

             Ranked #1 in Canada.  Renee Liu, Ethan Fazekas, Sadie Fazekas, Amber Lefler, Kylie Masse ,

 Girls 15-16 yrs 200 Free, 200 Medley Relays and Boys 13-14 yrs 200 Medley Relay.


            Congratulations to all WEST swimmers who competed there !


       Congratulations to Hannah Oswald for signing with Okland University on swimming scholarship !

                 Way to go Hannah ! Swim crazy fast !

To all members of WEST.

I would like to thank all of you for the support you gave me when I was inducted into the Windsor/Essex County Hall of Fame .

It was an exciting time for myself and my family! Your support and encouragement made it even more exciting.

Thanks again

Coach  Lou Pocock


We are proud of you Lou !


                         Congratulations to Kylie Masse on being named to Swimming Canada’s "2012 LC ID Team".

The ID Team selection is one initiative of the National Development Team Program. The program’s goal is: "To provide Canada’s identified swimmers and their coaches, the development opportunities to establish the will, attitude and skills required to race to the podium at the Senior International level". Being named to the Development program "ID TEAM" is quite an accomplishment. It means that you were the fastest swimmer in Canada in your age category last season. This accomplishment bodes well for your future. Keep up the great FAST swimming!

       Swimmers have been named to this season’s LC ID Team based on Long Course performances between April 1 and August 31, 2012.

The following points describe the procedures and conditions wherein "ID" Teams are determined:

 Swimmers were ranked according to the current FINA Point tables

 The top swimmer per gender in each Olympic event has been named to the "ID" team. 

                                  Congratulations and the best of success to you this season.


Congratulations to Amanda Reason with Olympic debut !

( Click here for the full story )


       All WEST swimmers: Sadie Fazekas, Cody Lavoie, Amber Lefler, Kylie Masse, Aaron Norg

      and Rachel Rode won GOLD medals !!!!!

       Cody Lavoie, Kylie Masse , Aaron Norg and Girl's 400 free relay set club records !

       In 2012 our swimmers set 117 different club records !

       Western Ontario Swimming Association finish in 1st place  at Ontario Summer Games.

       ( Click here for results )


          Age Group Nationals, Calgary, July 25- 30, 2012.

       Two Champions: Sadie Fazekas - 50 back and Cody Lavoie - 200 Back

        Six swimmers won medals      

WEST finished in 10th place at Age Group Nationals (total 178 teams competed)

       WEST got the most swimmers (six) in 50 back and 50 free finals !!!!!!!!!!!

               12 Club Records (total 110 different records in seven month in 2012) !

                                                    ( Click here for Results / Relays )

                               ( Click here to watch video)       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOnIJj060Q0&feature=youtube_gdata_player 


            Click Here to DAEGU ICG webside


               Thank you all for your support.  Follow the team at the International Children’s Games. 

                       Login to Facebook.  Search for WEST parent.

                      Click on page ‘Windsor Essex Swim Team Daegu 2012’.

* Madison Foreman is first time qualified for Provincials in 50 free

  Madison is 34th WEST swimmer qualified for Provincial Championships this  season.

* Alex Liu qualified for Eastern Canadian Championships in 50 fly

* Amber Lefler won a Silver medal in 50 breast

* Amber Lefler, Alex Liu, Aaron Norg and Rachel Rode swam in Finals.

* WEST relays: Girls 5th in 400 free and 8th in 400 medley,

Boys 6th in both events (highest ranked team from Europe and America) 

In 2013 Games will be held in Windsor, Ontario and in 2014 in City of Lake Macquarie, Australia.