General Information Meets

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Meet Entry Procedure: Entries must be submitted to the host club, 2 to 4 weeks before the swim meet. The hardest job & the most time consuming, is chasing someone for their fees. Your meet schedule outlines the submission dates; so if your fees are not in on time, you will not be entered. This is not meant to be difficult, but we cannot hold up the submission of our entries, for fear of not getting into the meet. Once entries are submitted we are obligated to pay entry fees even if a swimmer does not attend. NOTE: there are often last minute changes because a meet entry package was received late, changes were made to the meet, or we were forced to submit entries early to guarantee our acceptance to a meet. Relays are made up after all commitments are in, & might not be finalized until the day of the meet.

Event Selection: "Occasionally" we will listen to comments/concerns from the swimmer and parents. Since our goal is the long-term development of the swimmer, we must constantly review their development in all strokes. Swimmers often change specialty strokes as they grow, due to body size, strength, interest, etc. Constantly swimming the same stroke can become boring, and improvement becomes harder and frustrating. Switching to a weaker stroke allows the swimmer to see great improvement over a couple of meets. This is very motivating, and allows time until the swimmer develops the strength and skills to improve their specialty. Sometimes strokes are selected for a team challenge, or because we need a team player to score points for us. Occasionally a swimmer will be asked to swim a "200 fly; 400 IM; 100 back; etc.". They might not like it, but they must do it for the team. First there is great satisfaction just completing these races, and second and even more important is the understanding that there are many things they might not like to do, but to be successful they must be done. We would not enter you if we felt it was not within your reach. Some meets have time standards that must be met before you are allowed to attend. The Team Showdown in December will only allow us to bring our top 30 swimmers. This is often a difficult decision for the coach, especially when comparing a 10-yr. old female flyer with a 15-yr. old male backstroker. Much time is spent explaining the selection process, motivating all swimmers; & giving everyone a fair chance to make the team.
It is manditory to wear team uniforms and equipment at swimming competitions.
General Meet Procedures : Plan to arrive at the start of warm-up. On arrival have a quick look around, then change and come into the pool area. The coach will find a convenient location for the team. Parents generally are not allowed on the pool deck. All swimmers are to meet with the coach; at which time we will start our pre-planned warm-up. This warm-up procedure will be the same for all meets (the coach will make individual changes when required). All swimmers are to remain with the coach and team, unless they ask for permission to leave. We need to stay together to support our teammates and build team spirit. This also allows the coach to point out good swims, etc.; keep you from running around, thus conserving your energy; and we can find you when your event is marshaled. Parents should send errant swimmers back to the coach.
Marshalling: Your events will be posted in the team area; it is up to you to watch the marshalling board for your event number to be posted. Check with the coach immediately before marshalling for last minute advice, and immediately after each race for corrections & comments. Do not forget to ask the timers for your time, then if we are not rushed for time, you can ask to see your parents.

Sleep and Rest: On long weekend meets, every effort must be made to conserve energy for finals, including afternoon naps. This is one of the key secrets if you are going to win championships. 

Meet Preparation: Swimmers & parents should be aware of a training cycle & the effect that missing all or some of one segment will have on performance. Miss the endurance phase & you might have speed but no endurance. Miss speed phase & you might have endurance but no speed, etc. 

Meet Attendance: Meets are fun and motivating. If you must miss a meet, please speak to the coach early & determine which meets are most important to your swimming.

Warmth: Wet swimmers get cold quickly!!! Shivering is repeated muscle contractions in order to raise body temperature to keep warm. Save your energy! Bring extra towels, and a warm track suit. Your clothes, etc. are safer in a gym bag in the pool area, than left in the dressing room (unless you have a locker).

Team Attire: You are required to wear a team swim suit; a team bathing cap (if you wear one).Put your name on your equipment (especially goggles).