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Meet Calendar 2021-2022 Season

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2021-2022 WEST Meet Schedule





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October 29 , 2021 WEST RTR #1  Windsor No Standards

November 20-21

WAC Detroit Dash

Windsor WIATC

No Standards

December 11-12 WAC Border City Windsor WIATC "B" Standard as disqualifying time
December 19 WEST RTR 2 Development Meet Windsor WIATC

Regionals and lower

January 28-29? In House Meet Windsor       
February 6  Seal Meet  Windsor 

February 19-20

Winter Festivals TBD Ontario Festival Standards
February 24-27 WOSA SC Championships  Canada Games Aquatic Centre, London  "B" Standard Qualifying Standards 
March 3-6 Ontario Youth Juniors MPAC Ontario Youth Standards
March 3-6 Winter Ontario Swimming Championships TPASC Ontario Swimming Championship Standards
March 26-27 Masters Provincials  Etobicoke, ON Map
April 6-10 Canadian Swimming Trials Victoria, BC

SNC Standards

April 21-24 Eastern Canadian Championships  Point Claire, QC       SNC Standards        
May 6-8 Amanda Reason Invitational Windsor No Standards 
May 20-22 Masters Canadian Championship Quebec City, QC
May 31-June 9  19th FINA World Masters Championships 2022 Island of Kyushu, Japan

June 17-19

Summer Festivals TBD     Festivals Standards
June 16-19 Ontario Youth Juniors TBD       Ontario Youth Standards   
July 7-10 Summer Ontario Swimming Championships TPASC     Ontario Swimming Championship Standards
July 25- Aug 1  Canadian Jr/Sr Championships 

Montreal, QC

Jr/Sr National Standards
August 11-16 International Children's Games 2022 Coventry, UK Team Selection
August 6-21 Canada Summer Games Niagara Selected Team Members

Meet Schedule can be subject to change during season