Swim Ontario and Windsor Essex Swim Team are
welcome everyone to a new season of swimming!
Families (brothers, sisters and parents) with 2 swimmers have 25% off for Each (both) swimmers.
Families with 3 swimmers have 33% off for Each (all three) swimmers.
Fourth swimmer from the family will swim for free (only SwimOntario registration and etc. will be charged).  
Swimmer registration
The registration period covers September 1st through August 31st. Alll swimmers (new or returning) must register with Swim Ontario.
Clubs may not register swimmers for the new season until all outstanding fees for the previous season have been paid.  
Swimmer categories
There are two categories of swimmers: competitive, entry level (pre-competitive)
Competitive Swimmers may compete in sanctioned competitions.
Competitive swimmers may not move down and register as Entry Level.
Swimmers may be upgraded from Entry Level to Competitive at any time; however, the difference in fees must be paid.
Transfers from club to club can be done at any time
Transfer forms are required for any swimmer previously registered with another club, no matter how long ago.
It is the responsibility of the club registrar to receive this form the swimmer and forward it to Swim Ontario.
Until this form is received by Swim Ontario, the Swimmer may train and only compete as Unattached with the new club.
 September 3, 2019 - July 31, 2020.
After June 15, 2020 only swimmers registered for swimming competitions and Masters will continue to practice.
Your fees pay for the training program, not the exact number of pool hours.
A substantial portion of the fees is paid up front to cover deposits on pool time and startup expenses.
There are times where practices are cancelled for meets or to rest athletes after a hard training phase and there are times where extra practices, clinics, etc. are added.
Fees are based on what is required to cover the costs of the program.
Competitive Program
Program Name Practices per week Annual fees
(included: Registration insurance, Racing cap, WEST shirt, HST)
Barracudas 9 $2,670
Otters  7 $2,480
Beavers 5 $1,980
Seals 4 $1,630
Stroke Development Program
Platinum 4 $1,630
Gold    3 $1,330
Silver 2 $1070
Bronze 2 $830
Future Stars 2 $830
Non-Competitive Programs
Teen 4 $1630
Masters 6 $980 + SwimOntario Registration Fee
Trial Program (16 practices) $200 / No refund