Swimming Programs


                                                       PERFORMANCE PROGRAM
Barracudas: Elite Swimmers, who are aiming for Provincial and National levels of swimming. Swimmers are selected from the club's top swimmers. This program is designed to meet the needs of each swimmer. Training time will be adjusted when required to meet the needs of the individual or group.

Otters: Train 6 to 8 times a week (8.5 to 14 hrs a week), will attend an extra morning workout where they will be introduction to stretching and strengthening. Committed to becoming a successful athlete. Competing regionally, throughout Ontario and possible out of province.

 Beavers: This program is a new addition to the team structure and serves to act as a stepping-stone from Seal to Otters. Athletes in this group will be introduce to more advance training methods and more importantly begin to develop the attitude and work ethic required by championship level of swimming.

Seal Group: The club's top young swimmers. Swimmers who are prepared to work hard to achieve the limits of their abilities & aims at championship levels of competition. Attendance is important & swimmers will need to compete to gain & maintain a position in this group. This group will work on advanced levels of stroke technique & training. They will attend competitions regularly.

##                                TEEN FITNESS/TRIATHLON PROGRAM
High school swimmers, 13 & over. This group is ideal for someone just starting their competitive experience or someone who can't maintain the commitment of the Performance Program.

##                                STROKE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM  (SDP)

Platinum Group(9-12 years of age): This  is a transition group for athletes heading towards performance program bridging the gap from Seal and Gold levels. Emphasis at stroke mechanics.

Gold Group: Swimmers begin basic training, and as strength increases, they learn more advanced stroke technique. Although the emphasis is on developing their skills, it is at this level that they begin to learn the joy of competing and begin to attend meets on a regular basis.

Silver Group: For swimmers under the age 12 years old. The program introduces the swimmer to each skill required for competitive swimming. Stroke Development Awards & Challenge Awards are given on successful completion of required skills. These meets will focus on technique & fun. Due to testing for part of the Challenge awards, swimmers are expected to attend most of these meets.

Bronze Group: Swimmers will be introduced to the Stroke Development Awards & will learn basic stroke mechanics & turns. With emphasis on stroke drills & kicking. A tryout is required.

##                                       TRIAL PROGRAM (16 PRACTICES)
For those swimmers who want to try out program. Only 1 session is allowed, then a swimmer must join the appropriate group. The fee for that group will be prorated. If there is a problem please discuss with Andrei. 


    MASTERS.  This program allows parents, ex-swimmers, fitness buffs and triathletes over age of 19 to train and enjoy the camaraderie of a team in their individual pursuit of excellence.

    FUTURE STARS.  The goal of this program is to teach youngsters between ages of 5-7 how to swim well enough to join the Stroke Development Program.