Ontario Team Championships

 Ontario Team Champs Division 1, April 29 - May 1, 2016, WIATC

* 22 swimmers won medals ! 37 swimmers raced in finals !

* Ten Club Records by Andrew Binder, Justin Dumouchelle, Alexandar Lackovic, Cody Lavoie

    Relays: Boys 10 and under and Boys 15 and over
* 36 WEST swimmers qualifyed for Provincial Championships and Festivals.

* For nine swimmers that was the first Provincial meet. All nine swam their best times!  WEST has Great Future !

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Ontario Team Championships 2016 Selection Criteria

The fact that we are one of the better teams in the Province qualifies us for the first of three divisions.

By virtue of being in Division I, we are allowed to bring fifty swimmers to the Championships.

The selection criteria for the Windsor Essex Swim Team is quite simple. We have selected the fifty swimmers in the Team who the coaching staff feel stand the best chance of scoring the most points for the Team.

We compile this data based on a comparison between this year’s performances, swimmers personal best times and last year’s Division I results.

By basing selection purely on the potential to score points, we are able to make fair choices that are cut and dried and void of any perception of “playing favorites”.
It is worth noting that all ages are scored equally, but there is no rule stipulating the number of swimmers required for each age-group. It is, however, most strategic to select at least 3 or 4 per age-group in order to fill out the age relays. It is conceivable to select only three in an age-group, as it is possible to move swimmers up to an older aged relay; it is also possible to select 5 or more in an age-group, provided they all stand a strong chance of scoring points. The first criteria the coaching staff looks for when selecting the team is strong relay swimmers, as relay points are scored double. In some cases a strong relay swimmer might get the nod over a strong individual swimmer, simply because of the aforementioned fact. Also, we are pretty much guaranteed to take at least eight or more 10 & under swimmers, as we need four in each gender to fill the relays as we cannot move anyone up.
It is also worth noting that it is possible for a weaker swimmer from one age-group to get the nod over a stronger swimmer in a different age-group or gender. This is because some age-groups tend to be much stronger and deeper than others and consequently, the weaker swimmer may stand a stronger chance of scoring more points.

All swimmers on the WEST are equally important and special. Not getting selected for the Team Champs team is nothing to hang one’s head about. As we are limited to selecting 50 of more than 160 competitive swimmers on the Team, some good swimmers will get left off the squad. As this is only one meet in a very full year long calendar, there are plenty of other great opportunities to swim fast and represent WEST with pride.

Should you have any questions regarding the Team Championships selection criteria, please do not hesitate to contact me at windsorswim@yahoo.ca or
Call (519)979-4492
Andrei Semenov
Head Coach Windsor Essex Swim Team

Swim Ontario did not organize a Team  Championships in 2015.

Division I Team Championships,  December 12 - 14, 2014. Etobicoke.


* WEST finished 8th in overall standing in Ontario

* 18 swimmers competed at Team Champs for the first time

* 28 swimmers qualified for Provincials/Festival

* Rachel Rode set a Club Record in 50 back -28.49 sec and ranked #2 in Canada in her age group !


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Team Champs 2013 in Nepean 

!!!!!!!!!!!! WEST is the BEST in the TOP Division at Team Champs 2013 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only 6 teams won the title from 1996: 4 teams from Toronto area , 1 team from Ottawa and WEST.

 * Maddy Lavoie, Katya Parker and Rogel Rios Galeana are first time qualified for Eastern Canadian Champs.

Total of 19 WEST swimmers are qualified for Easterns in Windsor, February 13-16, 2014 !!!!!!!

 * 32 swimmers are qualified for Provincials.

 * 19 Club Records by  Lena Li and Renee Liu, Ethan Fazekas, Andrew Binder,Cody Lavoie, Kylie Masse, and Rachel Rode

        Boys Relays for 11-12 yrs and 15 and over.  Girls Relays for 11-12 yrs and 15 and over.


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 WEST is one of the best swim teams in Ontario.

Ontario Team Championships, December 14 - 16, 2012. Toronto, Ontario.

  *  18 Club Records by: Brendan Oswald , Madeleine McDonald , Aaron Norg, Rachel Rode , Andrew Binder

Relays: Girls  11-12 yrs and 15 & over and  Boys 10 & under, 13-14 yrs and 15 & over

  *  30 swimmers are qualified for Ontario Provincial Championships for 13 yrs + /

and Ontario Festivals for 12 yrs-         

Congratulations to the First time qualifiers: David Bezarevic and Marjorie Sloboda.

             Ranked #1 in Canada.  Renee Liu, Ethan Fazekas, Sadie Fazekas, Amber Lefler, Kylie Masse ,

 Girls 15-16 yrs 200 Free, 200 Medley Relays and Boys 13-14 yrs 200 Medley Relay.


            Congratulations to all WEST swimmers who competed there !

Individual Results / Relays

Team Ranking - Division 1 Team Champs - 12/14/2012


Individual Results / Relays

Team Ranking April 2012