WEST Philosophy 

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WIndsor Essex Swim Team (WEST)

WEST provides a multi-level program designed to develop interest and participation in Competitive Swimming. Swimmers are provided with a program to match their abilities and ambitions. Swimmers will move up at their own rate. Physical development, proper conditioning and good health habits are important and will be encouraged. Swimmers will learn team aspects such as co-operation, responsibility and leadership, as well as individual dedication, confidence and self esteem. An atmosphere is created in which the desire for self-improvement and goal achievement motivates the individual to develop their natural abilities and to help teammates achieve similar goals.

Clubs Philosophy

-That every child has an opportunity to excel

-That no child be pushed to excel beyond their physical or psychological limits even if this means holding a child back

-That goals and goal setting play a major part in motivating the swimmer

-That emphasis is placed on senior levels of swimming and a program designed to nuture and mold the young swimmers toward the Barracuda level. Increased opportunities and rewards will be provided as the swimmers mature in the sport

- To aim for excellence with the top goal to make a National Team 

Jimmy's Philosophy Of Coaching 

My experience in the sport of Swimming has helped me formulate this philosophy which I hope to Instill in our swimmers at WEST:

- By utilizing all available sports medicine and scientific knowledge from the American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, and competitive Swimming literature and reserch to ensure that swimmers from a young age develop with the most up to date scientific data.

- By Refining my own technical skills and by keeping track of new and latest developments in sports perfomance, stroke mechanics, strength and conditioning techniques, and training methods. I will encourage, update and educate coaches of WEST with latest advances in sports science.

- By developing a sound Team Structure it will ensure that good training habits are developed early. The only way to develop outstanding swimmers is to set high expectations and to have the children understand what you are trying to achieve by properly communicating to them. Children as young as 6 years, should be continually reminded to perform the basics correctly. By doing this, the children's training habits will be firmly established as they progress through age group swimmers to senior swimmers.

-By believing that technique is essential, fitness and technique is closely realted, and as fitness level increases, so does the swimmers ability to sustain technique will increase.

- By Believing firmly that medley work is essential in the development of young swimmers. The majority of elite, junior programs involve a great deal of emphasis on medley work which encompasses freestyle, breastroke, backstroke, and butterfly.

- By believing that screening, stretching and strength and conditioning programs are part of the total program. As a certified strength and conditioning coach it is important to me to create effective, safe, efficient training sessions. Strengthening the muscles around the shoulder is important to help with stability and keeping them injury free during the swimming season. 

- By believing that the three most important factors which produce the best results are fitness, mental toughness, and confidence through demonstrated ability.

- By believing that strong mental toughness must be developed in swimmers in order for them to work through pain and to endure the long, exhausting, swim practices

- By believing that it is necessary to dedicate a great deal of attention to learning the art of winning during the training process. This occurs before workouts, during workouts in the water, thoughout strength and conditioning sessions, and all facets of an athletes daily routines.