Registration Forms

List of WEST Swimming Groups with registration forms

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The new registration block will have a start date of February 11th , 2022 and will go until June 30, 2022.

*Please Note, WEST will only Cover Registration Fees if there will be a Provincial Shutdown. There will be no other refunds for: dismissed Cohorts, High Contact Exposures, or due to the Vaccine Verification Program.*

*New WEST Registered Swimmers, Please print and sign the Code of Conduct, Parent Rules, and WEST Authorization Form and hand them to a Coach with a completed Registration Form*

Registration forms are for each Individual Swimmer including multi swimmer families. For example: 2 swimmer families need two: two family registration forms for each child 

Competitive Programs


High Performance Barracuda Group. Trains 9 times in the water with three 1 hour dryland sessions during the week.


Otters group trains 7 times in the water during the week with 2 dryland sessions.


Beavers group trains 5 times in the water during the week with 2 dryland sessions.


Seals group trains 4 times in the water during the week.

Swimming Development Programs


Platinum is the top development group of WEST. Swims 4 times per week. Sessions are 1 hour.


Gold group trains 3 times per week. Sessions are 1 hour.


Silver group trains for 1 hour, 2 times per week.


Bronze group will train for 30 minutes, 2 times per week.

Future Stars

Future Stars group trains for 30 mintues, 2 times per week. (Postponed until February 23th, 2022. This is due to in water Coaching not being permitted by Swim Ontario. Please check frequently for updates. If you have any questions please contact 

4th Swimmer Families

This is only for families with a 4th child. Please register the first three children under three swimmer families and complete this registration form for your fourth child for a special discounted rate. This registration form for 4th child families is for Future Stars - Platinum. 

Non Competitive Programs


Masters program have 6 training sessions available in the week. 


Teen program has 4 training sessions in the week with 2 dryland sessions.