WEST Swimming Programs

Join a succesfull WEST Swimming Program that will help you reach your goals while having fun.

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                                     PERFORMANCE PROGRAM
Barracudas: Elite Swimmers, who are aiming for Provincial and National levels of swimming. Swimmers are selected from the club's top swimmers. This program is designed to meet the needs of each swimmer. Training time will be adjusted when required to meet the needs of the individual or group. Barracuda group will be swimming 8 sessions in the week. Athletes will have three 1 hr dryland sessions Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Jimmy Lee.   
Otters: Train up to 7 times a week. There are 2 morning practices in the week, morning practices are introduced with the Otters to prepare them for the Barracuda group.  Athletes will learn to be committed in becoming a successful athlete. Otters compete regionally and throughout Ontario, and could possibly swim outside of Ontario.

Beavers: There are 5 training sessions in the week.This program serves to act as a

stepping-stone from Seals to Otters group. Athletes in this group will be introduced to

more advance training methods. Most importantly, the Beavers group will begin to

develop the attitude and work ethic required by championship level of swimming.

Seals: The club's top young swimmers. Will train 4 times a week. The Seals group

are prepared to work hard in order to achieve their goals and dreams. This will

to maintain a position in this group. This group will work on advanced levels of stroke

technique & training. They will attend competitions regularly.

##                                TEEN FITNESS/TRIATHLON PROGRAM
Teen: High school swimmers, 13 & over. This group is ideal for someone just starting their competitive experience or someone who can't maintain the commitment of the Performance Program.

                           STROKE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (SDP)

Platinum Group: (9-12 years of age): This is a transition group for athletes heading towards performance program bridging the gap from Seal and Gold levels. An emphasis will be placed at stroke mechanics and development.

Gold Group: Swimmers will begin basic swimming training, and as strength increases as children grow, swimmers will learn more advanced techniques. Although the emphasis is on developing their skills, it is important to know that at this level they will begin to learn to enjoy competing and begin to attend meets on a regular basis.
Silver Group: For swimmers under the age 12 years old. The Silver group program introduces the swimmer to each skill required for competitive swimming. Participation of development swim meets is important as it will focus on technique development and fun.  
Bronze Group: Swimmers will be introduced to the Stroke Development and will learn basic stroke mechanics & turns. An emphasis will be placed on stroke drills and kicking ability. A tryout is required.

                                         NONCOMPETITIVE PROGRAMS :   

Masters: This program allows parents, ex-swimmers, fitness buffs and triathletes over age of 19 to train and enjoy the camaraderie of a team in their individual pursuit of excellence.

Future Stars:  The goal of this program is to teach young swimmers between ages of 5-7 how to swim well enough to join the Stroke Development Program.