WEST News 2021-2022  

WEST 2021-2022 Team Captains 

Get to know WEST First ever Team Captains and Assistant Captains

Nov 21 Detroit River Dash Results

WEST Swimmers had an excellent meet! 

Gaspar Lazure is Swimmer of the Month for November!

Dec 11-12 Border City Invitational Results

Dec 19th WEST RTR #2 Development Meet 

2022 International Children's Games Coventry

February 27th Fins Up #1 Results

Trials Selection Prep Invite

March 25-27 Wac Spring Invitational

April 7-10 Spring Forward Invitational Weekend

April 24th Fins up #3 

May 6-8 Amanda Reason Invitational

May 22 Fins Up #4 

*January 20, 2022 Provincial Announcement*

I am happy to announce that the Provincial Government made an announcement January 20th, in regards to ending current restrictions that were in place until January 26th. After recieving confirmation from the Aquatic Manager, all WEST programing will continue on January 31st, and will be extended until February 10th with February 11th as the start of the 2nd block of registration until June 30th. Thank you everyone for your patience. I look forward to WEST swimmers getting back into the water and continuing their hard work with their coaches.

Head Coach Jimmy Lee 

December Swimmers of the Month 

February Swimmers of the Month 

March 13th Fins Up #2

March Swimmer of the Month

2022 Speedo Eastern Canadian Championships 

WEST Swimmers Riley Carswell & Avery Momotiuk have been selected! 

April Swimmers of the Month